How to Quit Smoking

Hi!  I quit smoking cigarettes in 2000.  This is how I did it.  You can too.  Give it a try!  We offer this info for free with the humble hope that you will come back and donate perhaps the price of a pack when you are successful.


The idea is to wean off your usual brand with a series of alternatives, as explained below.  This worked for me with cigarettes, but if you are interested in quitting vapor cigarettes, it should work as well.  You are just five steps from a whole new you!


1. Get clear and motivated.  Give some thought to why you want to quit.  To feel better?  Look better?  Have more energy?  Be healthier?  Save money?  Make better impressions?  Get crystal clear on your reasons and then write them down.  I was able to quit because it had served it’s purpose in my life and I was ready to move on.  You need to get to that place, too.  You really have to want to quit and get to a place of being ready.  Do some soul-searching.  Get in touch with any fears about quitting that come up.  Write those down, too.


2. Get your tools.  I want you to go to a smoke shop or purchase online:

  1. A pack or two of a different brand of cigarettes than you usually smoke.  I recommend American Spirit brand because it is additive-free so you will gradually wean off the additives in your usual cigs that you may be addicted to.  If you already smoke American Spirits, great.  Just purchase some as usual, and proceed with the rest of the plan.
  2. A pouch of American Spirit loose tobacco (or other brand), and a rolling device, if needed.  You may also need an extra pack of rolling papers.
  3. A tobacco pipe or chillum.


3. Begin to mix it up and wean.  Instead of reaching only for your usual cigarette, alternate with an American Spirit (or other brand you have chosen).  After a few days, start to alternate your new brand, or both your new and old brand, with cigarettes you roll yourself with your loose tobacco.  Gradually increase the number of roll-your-owns you smoke, while decreasing the number of “pre-rolled” ones.  Ideally shift to smoking roll-your-owns exclusively.


4. Start packing the pipe.  Gradually reduce the number of roll-your-owns you smoke by instead packing the loose tobacco directly into your new pipe or chillum.  Take a hit or two of loose tobacco out of the pipe when you have a craving for tobacco.  Only smoke a regular cigarette or roll-your-own if a craving is absolutely unbearable.  Continue for a few days until you feel ready for the next and final step.


5. Time for a ceremony.  You are about to take the final step: letting go of tobacco.  When you feel ready, use the power of ceremony to help you quit.  You have within you all the strength you need to move into a joyful new life more reflective of the you you came here to be.  You’ve practically weaned yourself off of cigarettes, nicotine, and heaven knows what other chemicals.  It’s just a matter of officially making the commitment, and to do that, design a ceremony for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but the idea is to create a clear sense of separation from your regular day.  Consider going somewhere in nature—a park, the beach, a hiking spot, even a backyard will do.  But at home or in nature, you might light a candle, beat a drum, use a chime, and/ or set up an altar with meaningful and/ or found items.  Plan it out a little.

All the ceremony needs to entail is for you to take some deep breaths and take a few sacred moments to be with your Higher Self and consciously decide and commit to quit smoking before yourself and the Universe/ Source/ Creator.  You may do it aloud or to yourself, by yourself or with another.  It is sacred what you are deciding:  You have committed more fully to life and to yourself and your well-being.  It’s a good choice and it deserves a few moments of conscious recognition.  Rely on the strength of this resolve if any cravings come up.  They’ll get less and less powerful over a few days.  Don’t give in!  Don’t turn back!

Please do come back to this site and let us know how it goes.  Leave a comment, and again, please consider donating what you feel is right when you are successful in quitting!

Blessings to you and your health!  Cheers!


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