Manuka Honey

Try manuka honey!  First of all, it’s absolutely delicious!  Second, it battles some serious ailments effectively.  It can be used both topically and internally.  Honey producers have developed a scale for rating the anti-bacterial properties of manuka honey. The rating is called UMF, which stands for Unique Manuka Factor.  Some types will have a UMF rating on the jar but not be licensed, so look for a UMF license number on the jar to be sure you are getting the potency you are paying for.  I have tried three licensed brands purchased from Amazon, Tahi, Happy Valley, and Kiva, and my favorite has been the Tahi.  Wild Cape brand gets excellent reviews as well.  Try different potencies.  To be considered potent enough to be therapeutic, manuka honey needs a minimum rating of 10 UMF, but there are also 5+, 12+, 15+, 18+, and 20+ options.  The higher the UMF, the higher the price.

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